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Our Chef Made Meals

Our Head Chef Arthur has over 40 years’ experience and has worked with us for, well lets say a very long time. With all his experience and expertise, Arthur and the Management team put together a range of delicious home cooked meals that you can store in your fridge, freezer or heat and eat straight away.

Unlike other ready made meals, the Essential Kitchen is free from preservatives and lovingly makes each meal by hand. The ingredients are sourced by our staff to make sure only the best products are used in our cooking.

We also know how important it is to cater for all dietary requirements. Vegan and Gluten Free are words that make us think, extra flavour. So any order is always going to pack the same punch of satisfaction regardless if it’s nut free, dairy free or ‘I can eat anything’.

If you miss homemade meals, we’re cooking all day like an old Greek Yiayia to keep your belly full and smile on your face.

11/129-133 Military Rd, Neutral Bay, 2089

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